If your Business Alarm goes off, what do you do?
15th November 2016
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This is not a rhetorical question, many business people have installed intruder alarms, to respond to a break-in. Many, however, have not thought through what to do if the alarm should be triggered?

Does the alarm just make a loud sound because it is not connected to a system that will cause a response? A ‘bells-only’ alarm, if it works at all, will make a lot of noise but if there is no one listening it will go unchallenged.

Key Control Services recommend that all intruder alarms be monitored so that when the alarm is activated they can organise someone responsible to attend as quickly as possible. The intruder alarm will be connected to a control-room and upon activation a call will be made to those charged with attending. The responder may be the business owner, and in some circumstances the police may attend, however it is unwise for the business owner to enter the premises unattended.

Opportunist thieves and organised thieves are capable of violence if cornered, business managers must not be put at risk under the Health and Safety at Work Act, Duty of Care, and owners themselves should follow the same guidance – their safety is essential.


What then?

Key Control Services recommend that one of their staff attend on behalf of the business owners staff or accompany them onto site.

KCS keyholder response personnel are all SIA licenced personnel, trained and equipped to deal with such emergencies

Key Control Services is a Security Industry Authority Approved Company and an Approved Safe Contractor, as such they are of proven integrity and carry full insurances to cover their activities.

If the customer wishes a set of keys to the premises may be held in a secure location only to be removed upon clear assignment instructions and for this purpose only, keys are then taken to the premises to allow access, all key movements are logged and due diligence is recorded.

Key Control Services are also able to make regular visits to the premises inside or outside of the buildings, the visits would be at random times to avoid a pattern being detected.

Highly visible pro-active Security is recommended. Opportunist thieves will look for weakness in domestic homes or business premises. Therefore, overt signs of a strong security protection will warn the bad guys to move on.

Key Control Services will work with their clients to establish a visible security presence to satisfy their needs, intruder alarms that do work and are responded to quickly by trained security staff – with or without the client in attendance. They may conduct regular patrols to and around the premises to be visible. Security personnel will be in Cleary marked vehicles, and there will be warning notices around the buildings.


If you would like to find out more information about the fantastic services that Key Control Services offer, give them a call on 01204 861331


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