If You Are Buying Your Child A Motorbike For Christmas, Make Sure You Know The Law and Bolton Councils Policy
16th December 2010
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If you are thinking of buying or already have bought your child a motorbike for Christmas then make sure you don't put yourself or them at risk of being prosecuted.

The law is as follows :-

It is illegal to ride quad, scramblers, mini-motos or scooters

  • on the public highway if the vehicle is not registers, taxed, insured and does not have the relevant MOT certificate and if the rider is not over 16 and has a valid driving licence.
  • on private or public land if the rider does not have permission from the owner and they cause alarm, harrassment or distress
If you break the law, it could mean a large fine or points on your licence or both. The vehicle may be destroyed and you may be disqualified form driving or affecting any future applications for a licence if you are under 16.

An antisocial behaviour order may be put in place or eviction from your council property.

Bolton council have a strict policy on how they tackle off-road motorbike nuisaance in Bolton for more information visit their website


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