I Can Pretend It's Not True All I Want, But It Is British Egg Week 2012
2nd October 2012
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They can come in all different shapes and sizes, edible from several different animals, and can be turned into such a variety of meals it's austonding. They are coveted by body builders, relied on by early risers, and revered by many. Possibly one of the most versatile foods there is, it's maybe about time it got a week all to itself.

So, this week, the one we are in right now, shall henceforth be known, as British Egg Week.

Organised in association with British Lion Eggs, the week aims to show parents and children that eggs are great for any meal (not just the breakfasts the English have come to know and love), they are egg-cellent - had to get one in there somewhere - nutrition, and they're terrific value for money.

There are only around 8 calories in an egg, and they're rich in B vitamins too, which means they're great if you're on a diet or just want to eat healthier. And over on the British Lion Egg's website, they have some interesting information about the egg, and a range of fantastic recipes from celebrity chefs which will suit all chefs, from beginners to those after Michelin stars.

Or, if you want to be waited on, but still involved somehow, why not pay a visit to some (or all, if you really love egg that much) of our excellent Bolton businesses.

Izabela's At Vanilla Red have an excellent menu, with many egg-related products, including their breakfast range, where egg can be found in abundance.

Zest Fine Foods also have a stunning menu. For your taste of egg, why not try their gourmet sandwich with sautéed mushrooms on a toasted bloomer served with dry cured bacon and a jackson’s fried egg.

Hunters The Bakers are an excellent bakery, and, if ever looking for something great to eat in the morning, for lunch, or even as a mid-afternoon snack, their egg barms, coupled with bacon or sausage, are the answer.

Chinese food makes frequent use of the egg, and what better place to get your fill of that cuisine than THE Chinese Buffet, voted Most Loved Business In The UK 2012 by the population.

It may be known more for it's fish and chips, the clue is in the name after all, but The Olympus Fish & Chip Restaurant also have egg mayo sandwiches and jacket potatoes on it's varied menu.

Fancy an entirely different egg experience? Why not head to G Casino to play some fun games whilst choosing from their great menu, which includes full English Breakfast's, including egg of course.

Likewise, Mecca Bingo next door has a great menu too. And you get to play bingo at the same time. Excellent.

If you'd just like raw eggs to create something amazing using one of millions of possible recipes, why not head down to Bolton Market where they have all sorts, from free range to organic eggs, and everything in between.

So, why not get involved, and rediscover your love for the egg during this, British Egg Week.

(Having said all that, I will NOT be getting involved, as eggs are evil, and the devil's representatives on Earth. Along with seafood, I hate that too).

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