How to write a great covering letter
12th November 2012
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Ok, so you have a well crafted CV that promotes your skills and attributes. But what about that covering letter?  A  CV and covering letter should work together to promote you. The letter can draw attention to your relevance to the job and you can then let the CV should re-enforce this.  So what do we need to write?  Here are some useful tips:

Who you are and the vacancy you are applying for

Clearly indicate the job you want for and where you found out about it.  If possible, referring to  a familiar name will be effective way in catching someone's eye.

Your skills and how they will help

Mention the key requirements of the job and how you will met them – referring to past work and achievements to demonstrate.  Keep it individual – don’t just regurgitate their advertisement

Mention if you have additional skills

If you can, put in some supporting information that could show how you may even be able to surpass their expectations

Make it positive

Be friendly, be personable, be professional.  You want to come across as a good person to work with who can get to the point smartly without too much waffle.

Understand their business

Researching the company is always worthwhile and may help inform the content of your letter


Show that you want it

Sum up, reaffirm your interest and then thank them for reading it. And sign off using “yours sincerely" too.


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