How To Stand Out From The Crown and Be Visible In Business
6th February 2011
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The problem with so many businesses today is that they're invisible! 

Invisible in so far as the general public are concerned they may as well not exist, in fact in most cases local people don't even know they do exist.

You may think I'm being a little harsh in this but having spent the last few days canvassing the good people of Bolton as to who they believe are the best businesses in their own town, it was heartbreaking, the number of times when people were put on the spot to identify a great local business, they couldn't.

Even when prompted to suggest their own hairdresser or car mechanic, carpet fitter or kitchen fitter, people were reluctant to site them as really great businesses. Even more disturbing was when I asked, 'ok then who do you work for?' so many people indicated that their own employers were hardly a company they considered to be great!

Now I know for a fact, owning thebestof Bolton and having the priviledge to meet a good number of them, that there are a lot of really great companies in Bolton, leaders in their fields and champions of exceptional customer service but why when asked do they not trip off the tongue like so many national household names. The reason is that they forget that most essential of elements in the business formula, MARKETING.

I have to admit to having been guilty of it myself at times in the past, when I've been so consumed by making sure the internal systems are in place and that the products and services on offer are absolutely top notch, it's easy to forget that no matter how good your offering is, if consumers don't actually know what you're doing then you may as well not have bothered in the first place.

At thebestof bolton we go out of our way to find those hidden gems, those businesses who's customers or clients are happy to recommend them because they know they give great service and we promote and showcase them, using those customer testimonials as 'word of mouth' endorsements of great service to tell others who might require their services.

We have many members at thebestof bolton who can help other businesses to stand out from the crowd and shout about their virtues, like JKT Graphic Design who can help devlope a striking company image, with logo, letter heads and business cards to compliment great product and service offerings, Business For Breakfast providing a forum where businesses can build a network of trusted contacts over an informal, fortnightly breakfast meeting and Colour Me Beautiful and Calico Photo who will help find the best style for you and then capture it in great photo's. Not forgetting Display Equipment who will recreate your company image in state of the art display signage and exhibition banners.

It's really important to us at thebestof bolton that we highlight great businesses and give the people of Bolton the opportunity to find fantastic suppliers of products and services, businesses who come by recommendation, the recommendation of those people who have used them before and will happily vouch for their great service.

If you want to know more about thebestof bolton or simply receive information about great local businesses with fantastic money saving offers go to thebestof bolton and be a champion of all things good in Bolton.



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