How to research your family tree with Trees of Love, Bolton.
18th October 2013
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Halloween is the time of year when the witches come out, the trick and treaters come out, and all your skeletons come out the closet? But don’t worry, with Trees of Love’s help, it will only be the ones you want to find.

Trees of Love are expert genealogists in Bolton who can help you lay your ghosts to rest. That way you can get the answers you are looking for, good or bad. Digging up the past might mean finding a long lost relative or reuniting with a teenage sweetheart  but if it sounds a scary prospect then don’t worry, Trees of Love will support you every step of the way. 

Not only that, Trees of Love can act as a private investigator, so you can check your next employee isn’t an axe murderer! Plus they can locate heirs and executors, trace debtors or find witnesses for accidents.

Trees of Love will trawl through library records, museum archives and more to bring the past to life for you, like a zombie emerging from his cavern. Trees of Love are scarily good in fact. 

In times gone by, jobs we might consider ghoulish nowadays were considered normal, like that of an executioner or hangman. The job of executioner often ran in families, so you never know, several of your family members might have been one. Capital punishment wasn’t outlawed in the UK until the 1960’s so it’s more recent then you think. Those working in the “trade” were shunned by society.

We hope your family is nothing like the terrifying Addams Family but more like the Waltons. 

What skeletons will you find in your closet when you dig up your family history? 

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