How to prepare your child for 11+ success
19th January 2015
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Is your child in year 5 and sitting the 11+ exams? Now is the time to get them prepared for them, and Star Turn Tuition can help them in the road to success.

We know that nowadays, a lot of children don’t sit down with a book and read for entertainment, they much prefer to play their Xbox or Playstations but these really don’t help developing imagination as they have no need to ‘visualise’ characters, they’re all there in front of them on a screen.

It is so important that during the time of preparation, that you limit your child’s access to computer games and keep them engaged in different activities to develop their imagination.

Which brings on the next point about exercise and healthy living. Exercise can happen by your child just playing outside for an hour or so and it will really help with physical wellbeing. Although we don’t want to dictate what food is given to your child, a healthy, balanced diet is so important, with sweets, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks only being given occasionally as treats.

Concentration can be highly affected by those E numbers hidden in sugary foods!

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