How To Pick Your Perfect Perfume With Debonaire FM
17th December 2014
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We all love to smell great, men and women alike but do you know why we are attracted to certain scents, why scents smell different on different people and how to pick the perfect perfume for you? Debonaire FM goes into more detail about this. 

So you're going out shopping for a new scent, here are a few things to help you select one that's perfect for you.

  • Go fresh and bare- if you know you are going to try on new fragrances, then dont wear anything else that's perfumed including body creams. This will only mix with the scent you are trying and you won't get a true picture of it. 
  • Know the types- Do some research on the different perfume types eg Eau De Cologne, Eau De Toilette etc. You can read more about this in our article here.
  • Seasons- Consider the time of year. Do you want a heavy musky fragrance for summer, perhaps not so try something a little lighter and more floral. Its great to have a selection of scents to cover different times of year.
  • Notes- Similar to tasting wine, perfume has 'notes' which are really smells that come out first to you. Such as a particular perfume may smell initially of citrus but has a spicy undertone. Identify which notes suit you best.

Well if you are shopping for perfume, you may be interested to know that all FM fragrances are made by the same factory in Germany as many of the major high street brands and its as a simple as half of the fragrance goes to be branded up and the other half gets an FM number and 'smells like'.

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