How to maintain your car bodywork properly from Perfect Finish
17th February 2015
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Your car, as anything else, needs proper care in order to stay in good condition. This includes its bodywork – maintaining your paintwork will make your car look as new and will help keep its value.

Here are some top tips from Perfect Finish Ltd on how to maintain your car bodywork properly!

Be attentive

Check your car bodywork regularly to ensure that there aren’t any scratches or scuffs. If you notice such, make sure that you get them repaired as soon as possible. If you leave them unattended for a long period of time, the damage will get worse.

Wash it properly

Cleaning your car regularly is vital if you want to maintain its good look. You need to attend to any dirt or grime, as when it builds up, it would get much harder to wash off. When you decide to clean your car bodywork, ensure that you’re not using too much force. Don’t rub dirt into the paintwork as you wash it – the friction can cause minor scratches that will damage the exterior. Also, ensure that you’re using products specifically designed for washing cars to avoid any potential (costly) mistakes.

Winter care

Make sure that you clean the alloys on a regular basis during the winter. The road salt on the roads during the cold months can build up and cause damage and corrosion.


You need to wax your car’s bodywork at least once every 3 months or so. This would help it maintain its bright colour and shine. Be sure to use the proper products and ensure that your car bodywork is waxed before the winter season has started!


For more help and advice on how to maintain your car's bodywork, call Perfect Finish Ltd on 01204 689934

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