How to lose weight with Lipotrim from Sykes Chemist, Bolton
7th January 2014
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What’s your new year’s resolution? For many of us I’m sure the answer is “to lose weight.” Easy to say, but often not as easy to do. But Sykes Chemist might have just the products to help you along the way. Every branch they have offers the weight loss programme Lipotrim. 

Lipotrim products available include caramel bars, soup, fruit drinks and chocolate desserts but at Sykes Chemist they specialise in Lipotrim sachets. 

You will take 3 sachets of Lipotrim a day. You'll take the shakes with water and you should undertake some light exercise whilst on the Lipotrim programme. 

The high fibre, low GI content of the Lipotrim products means they have excellent nutritional content in them and you don't need to eat any other foods whilst on the plan.  A DVD is available with more information about Lipotrim that you can watch. 

Before you embark on the Lipotrim programme a member of staff at Sykes chemist will undergo a medical questionaire with you. Then after that they'll have to see you once a week to measure your ketone levels, weigh you and check on your progress. 

Lipotrim was invented in 1987 by qualified nutritionists and if you follow the plan correctly, you should lose an average of a stone a month.

To find out more about how Lipotrim can help you shed the pounds, contact them on 01204 684731 or call into one of their many branches. A full list of them can be found on their feature page here.

Remember though, it’s always best to consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns about your health. 

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