How to look after your skin in the summer
22nd April 2013
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Summer is coming, and you need to prepare your skin accordingly. Here Penny Dumbleton, co-owner of the Laser Hair Removal Centre, explains how to improve the look of your skin this season, using exfoliation, lasers, sun cream and moisturising.


Your skin sheds skin cells all day long at a constant rate, which is why it’s crucial to exfoliate every day. If you don’t, no matter how many creams you put on it, your skin will look dry and dull and not shine as it should.

The easiest way to exfoliate your skin is to scrub it whilst you’re in the shower or bath. Another option is to have a salt scrub or body polish at an expert salon, like Lasting Beauty.

Laser Hair Removal

In the summer, our legs are exposed to the sun more than any other seasons, and you’ll no doubt get fed up of shaving them every day. If so, laser hair removal at the Laser Hair Removal Clinic might be the solution.

Home based laser hair removal treatments have little side effects and significantly decrease hair growth, but still aren’t as effective as professional treatments. Home based products, although low cost, aren’t always suitable for all skin types and can’t be used on the neck and face. Plus, you’ll need to use them more than if you visited an expert clinic.

The Laser Hair Removal Clinic use a diode laser, which gives the best results.

Sun Cream

It sounds obvious, but in the bright sunlight it’s important to use skin creams with a high SPF to protect against the sun’s rays. You might think that wearing lightweight summer clothes would help block the sun but this isn’t the case.

You will always get some colour, no matter how much sun cream you use. Reapply sun cream as often as possible. Use a sun block with zinc on your face which will help your skin’s appearance. A water resistant or water proof sun cream is recommended too.

Until you get a natural tan, invest in a professional spray tan, which are usually better, thought slightly more expensive, then self-tanning creams available in the shops.


The luxury way to moisturise your skin is to book in at a beauty salon for an Aromatherapy massage, but using just a small amount of lotion every day in your own house can make the difference between soft skin and dull skin. Creams can protect sensitive skin and improve texture and tone in dry skin. Keeping your skin moisturised all year round will dramatically improve the look and quality of your skin. 

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