How to look after your skin in the sun, by Penny at the Laser Hair Removal Centre, Bolton
10th May 2013
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Penny from the Laser Hair Removal Centre has seen lots of skin types during her working life, and knows that looking after your skin in the sun is very important. Here she explains how to do so.

In Bolton, we get very little, if any sun, during the summer. When the sun does get its hat on many people enjoy going outside doing activities they love. Your skin can suffer from the sun though. Sun damage at its most severe can lead to skin cancer, but even mild sun damage causes wrinkles, marks, early aging of the skin and dry skin. This means you should look after your skin in the hottest months of the year, so you can enjoy it thoughtfully. Remember black skin is just as susceptible to the sun as any other skin type.

There are three types of sun rays that affect the skin. The first is UVA rays. These penetrate the deepest layer of your skin, the dermis. Sun damage promotes skin aging and activates free radicals.

UVB rays penetrate the epidermis, the skin’s outer layer. They cause skin cancers, allergic reactions and sunburn. A shocking fact is after being burned 6 times, skin has twice the chance of developing a fatal melanoma.

Thankfully, although UVC rays are the most damaging rays, they are mostly filtered by the ozone layer.

Wear sunscreen. SPF stands for sun protection factor. Most sun cream bottles will tell you the SPF factor and how long you can spend in the sun in them. If you have oily skin, try and not use an SPF bigger then 20, otherwise you could give your skin too many chemicals and oils. Check labels for oil free. Everyone should be aware though that higher SPF bottles might just contain more chemicals, which means you get more exposure.

For sensitive skin, use a mineral suncream rather them a chemical one. You might see improvements in the effectiveness of the suncream for you.

 Always stay out the sum between 10am and 3pm, the most damaging in terms of radiation and skin damage in the day. The longer you’re outside during these hours, the longer you’re exposed to harmful rays.  

Cover up skin as much as possible. Choose fabrics that are light in colour, are thin and don’t itch, scratch or overheat you in anyway. Lots of clothing has a UV protection factor and so proves clothing can be a wall against the sun’s rays.

Fake tan can contain chemicals that aren’t good for your skin or health. Check the EWG skin deep website to see how different brands rate. Sunbeds increase your chances of damaging skin and getting skin cancer. They wrinkle your skin, add 20 years to your age and dehydrate it.  

Drink plenty of water during summer days, as skin can become dehydrated in dry weather. Water rehydrates the skin and removes toxin that alter your complexion. Dehydration causes spots, frown lines, dry skin and make you appear to have a sluggish complexion.

Remember if you are having Laser Hair Removal it is vital to keep the treated area out of the sun.


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