Helio Fitness, Bolton, can help you get fit.
12th August 2013
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Joining a gym like Helio Fitness is the start of a whole new era for many people. It’s the start of a commitment, to themselves, to become more active, get fit and most importantly get healthy. Here are some tips on how to use Helio Fitness to get fit.

Sometime the hardest part of all is making the effort to go to Helio Fitness in the first place, but as with most things in life, it’s never as bad as it sounds. Helio Fitness has a friendly atmosphere and once you’ve gone through the doors, put on your exercise gear and began your warm up, you’ll be raring to go.

Make sure you warm up properly before you start exercising. This will get your muscles and heart rate pumping before you begin the major exercise. Try some few stretches or light jogging to help get you started.

Rotate which piece of equipment you use when you visit Helio Fitness. That way you don’t get bored of exercising. Helio Fitness have staff on hand to show you how to use each piece of apparatus the right way.

When you exercise try and us as much as your body as possible. If you’re struggling, Helio has lots of trainers on hand and they’re always happy to advise you. Work all the major muscle groups and you’ll have real benefits.  

It’s no good doing all this exercise if you’re not following a healthy diet. Eat less fat and more fruit, vegetables, protein etc. and it will all compliment your exercise routine.

Try and exercise in between gym sessions as well. Obviously don’t do as heavy a work out, but a gentle swim or 20 minutes brisk arming are all beneficial.  

To become a member of Helio Fitness it’s £18.95 a month with an annual contract or £25.95 per month with no contract. With that you get unlimited access to the gym and all its classes, like circuit training and zumba.

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