How to deal with a burst water pipe this spring in Bolton
25th March 2013
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If you have a burst water main for example then don’t panic, follow this advice on how to deal with it quickly, efficiently and calmly.

The first thing to do is turn off the water supply. Do this by turning off the main stop tap, which can usually be found under the sink or where the service pipe enters your house. Then drain the system by turning on all cold taps and flushing the toilet.

If you see water coming from the ceiling, make a hole in the ceiling to let it out if it starts to bulge, and catch any remaining water in a bucket. If you have a cold water tank then you’ll need to turn off the stop clock, which in most houses is found in the loft.

Make sure you protect all your possessions and move them out the way of any water as soon as possible.

Next turn off the water heating systems, such as the central heating, immersion heater and any other water heating systems you might have. If your central heating uses solid fuel, let this die out, and once it has shut down properly, turn on the hot taps to help drain the system.

It’s vital to be careful if any water has leaked near your electrics. If this is the case, switch off the mains immediately and if they are wet, no matter how little, do not touch them. They are very dangerous so call in an expert to repair the damage. Do not attempt to do this yourself. Call a qualified electrician such as Westwood Electrical.

If water has been coming through for several days, your floors and ceiling might be water damaged and rooms might not be safe to enter. You might consider asking a damp or timber specialists to conduct a property survey to check your house and prevent dry rot or wet rot issues.

After everything has thawed out and all the leaks have been dealt with, stop running the taps and open the stop tap slowly. Check the plumbing for leaks when it’s under pressure and when you’re completely satisfied everything has thawed out, switch the water heating systems back on.


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