How to choose the right frame for your picture
13th April 2015
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Pretty as a picture, but is it the picture or the frame that you see first? Getting the right frame for any picture, whether it is a work of art, a family photograph or your special portrait of Great Uncle Bert, the frame is an essential part of the process.

Too big and imposing, and the frame, as well as the picture will be devalued for its own sake. Too small and insignificant and it may not ‘set off’ the picture as you would like. Picture framing is an art, getting it right will create a work of art that will give you lasting pleasure.

Those who have visited Art Galleries will have noticed the great lengths that the presenters of art have gone to in matching the artwork to the frames. In many cases the artists were long gone soon after the work was completed, the frame was added later.

Also, if you see a work of art without its frame, often, they look totally different. Sometimes a ‘grand’ frame has been added to make a lack lustre picture look better. We can take a clue from this in matching the picture to the frame effectively, it truly is a work of art, and getting it right is vital.

We strongly recommend that you use the services of Bolton’s own Guild Commended Picture Framer Framearound who believes in combining your needs with the pictures own style, and getting the frame right, so that the frame enhances the picture, without dominating it or being tasteless and wishy washy.

Beware ‘amateur framers’ who may be no more clued up than you and who may make a bodge job of it and in doing so spoil an otherwise lovely and important picture.

Price is of course important, but so is personal taste, some folks may prefer a budget frame, some a more expensive one that in itself makes a statement about the subject. A picture does tell a story, and is worth a thousand words, but presumably you want the story to be told correctly and the choice is very subjective.

So deciding what to use can be made much easier by having the services of an ‘outsider’ who can show you styles, patterns, colours and different materials, offer an objective opinion, and can be excellent value for money, and do Great Uncle Bert proud too!

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