How to choose the perfect Christmas tree in Bolton
21st November 2013
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You know it's Christmas when you come to purchase your tree but choosing the right one can be difficult whether it's finding it or knowing which suits you best. 

I personally love it this time of year when everywhere is stocking up with trees for the festive period but for us buying them, it can be really difficult. There's so much choice available now in all different sizes and shapes, so buying the perfect one can be hard.

First of all you need to decide, fresh or artificial?

If it's fresh, than Curley's can help you. Christmas trees have just been delivered to Curley's Fishery ready to order for you to order and there's also free local delivery. They're open until late and will definitely help you chose the perfect tree for your family Christmas.

Tips for choosing your real tree:

  • Measure the height and width of your room

You don't want to end up buying your tree then get home and it be too big! The best tree is one foot shorter than your ceiling so take a tape measure with you!

  • Shake the tree

By shaking the tree when you're buying it will show you whether the tree is fresh or not. If very few fall off, you've got yourself a fresh tree!

You do have to remember that different types of fresh trees last a different amount of time depending on the climate. So, speak to Curley's to find the perfect tree for your climate.

But if it's artificial, this can be easier as a lot of local garden centres will be stocking up full of them. Although they don't smell fresh like a real Christmas tree, it'll mean you don't have to keep re-purchasing every year as they last for ages!

Even though it's easier to choose an artificial tree, it's still important to choose one that fits, so still take a tape measure along with you!

If you're wanting to go along to a Christmas tree festival this year, we have two featured on our website. Bromley Cross Birtenshaw Church will be holding their annual festival from 29th November until 1st December, more information here. Also, Victoria Hall will be holding theirs from the 3rd December until the 8th December and there's more information here

If you want some tips on buying a fresh Christmas tree and all the different types, have a look at this blog here

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