How to choose a striped carpet from Wall 2 Wall Carpets, Bolton
6th February 2015
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Striped carpets are gaining popularity and are becoming a favorite choice of thousands of households and offices. They are simple, yet very versatile and can complement almost any room. However, if you really want to make them stand out, we’ve gathered a few tips from Wall 2 Wall Carpets & Flooring that will help you out:

Match them with the colour palette

Surely, yellow looks great, but if your room is painted in brown and blue, yellow might be quite an awkward choice. You can either choose a striped carpet in the same colour palette as the room, or match it to the colour of the accent pieces in the room.

Bold colours

If you’re not a fan of blending it, perhaps a colourful striped carpet is just the thing for you. Select a bright colour or a combination that will stand out in the room. You can choose a colour scheme that contrasts to the rest of the room to turn the carpet into the accent piece.

Staircase carpets

Look for vertical stripes, instead of horizontal ones, when selecting a carpet for your staircase. For a wooden staircase, select a carpet with warm and earthy tones such as brown and yellow. If you want to lighten up your boring hallway, you can opt for a cheerful striped carpet in brighter colours.

Keep it classy

There is no better way to say “sophisticated” than with a classic black-and-white striped carpet. It looks amazing in almost any type of room, and especially good, if your whole colour palette is kept in the same two colors. Choosing a black-and-white striped carpet will give your home an elegant, yet modern look which can again act as the accent piece for the room. 

If you would like any help or advice with choosing the perfect striped carpet, give Wall 2 Wall Carpets  a call on 01204 684057

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