How to choose a pillow by Ultimate Linens Ltd, Bolton.
15th August 2013
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Many people don’t think about a new pillow before they buy it. As long as it feels comfortable that’s all a lot of people need to know. But in fact having the correct pillow can have a big impact on your health and well-being. People are suited to different pillows depending on their sleeping position, budget, allergies and other health problems. Ultimate Linens run down the different types of pillows available.

If you don’t have any known allergies then you can generally have any type of pillow filling. But if you suffer from asthma then it’s best to stick with polyester or a memory foam pillow.

What type of pillow you purchase could depend on your purse strings too. Ultimate Linens have pillows to suit all budgets. If you’re spending less than £20 then go for a well-made synthetic pillow, between £20 and £50 then consider a top end synthetic pillow and if you want to spend over £50 then buy a luxurious and high quality pillow. Cheap pillows can sometimes lose their shape and support after it’s been used a while.

If you suffer from any sleeping problems then you need to think about which type of pillow to get. Some people find that an anti-snoring pillow can help them. There are other pillows that help with specific problems too. Pillows have been designed to help with sleep apnea, neck pain, spine alignment and even pillows created for different stages of pregnancy.

The type of pillow you need depends on your sleeping position as well. It is perhaps the most important factor because the correct pillow should align your neck with your spine and support your head. People who sleep on their front will suit a softer pillow. People who sleep on their back will be more suited to a medium thickness pillow. People who sleep on your side should pick a medium high thickness pillow and finally if a person is a mixture of all 3 sleeping positions they should choose a medium thickness pillow as well.

You can browse a huge range of pillows at Ultimate Linen’s showroom in Darcy Lever. Not only that they are one of the biggest hotel and hospitality suppliers. They supply the industry with towels, bathrobes, room accessories, bed sheets and cleaning supplies.

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