How to avoid weight gain this Christmas!
19th November 2015
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It is wise to maintain a safe weight. However, many people (me included), male as well as female, do tend to put on a little extra weight due to the onset of Winter when it is quite normal for people to remain in doors and comfort eat.

Many people will indulge over the next few weeks enjoying the winter specials; mince pies and other goodies pre-Christmas and regardless of culture there are fabulous foods to tempt the palate.

However, for those who take their health seriously it is worth trying to keep control of their weight. One extra stone, about 7 kilos, is worth several points on the blood pressure test., a sobering thought. So, by keeping a couple of pounds off it is enough to make your doctor smile.

What can you do to avoid weight gain?

  • Drink plenty of water, before, during and after meal. Avoid fizzy drinks, a can of pop may contain enough sugar to pile the pounds on. Water will have a beneficial effect, keeping the kidneys working and reducing appetite, as well as hydrating the body. Water is the original Zero Cal drink.
  • Cut out white foods, starch bearing foods that can increase weight. Replace white bread and rice, for example, with whole grain bread and brown rice.
  • Cut out or greatly reduce pastries and rich sugary cakes, pastry is full of fat and that is best avoided in all of its forms.
  • Limit alcohol intake, although it might be hard during this season, alcohol will pile weight on, especially beer which contains a large amount of sugar, an occasional glass of red wine is less of a problem.
  • Avoid grazing. Many folks at home all day will nibble as they work or relax. The odd biscuit or slice of cake will add up, and if they are inactive the problem is increased. Keep something in the fridge, such as raw carrot sticks or small raw carrots, or celery sticks so that if tempted there is something totally safe, and healthy, to snack on.
  • Remember that unless one is a teenager (or lucky) you cannot be a fridge raider eating everything on sight and remain slim and willowy.
  • Keep off chocolate, sorry folks, but milky chocolate is deadly, full of sugar and not much cocoa fat. Why not buy the really smooth 70% or 85% cocoa fat chocolate instead, it has a very different taste but that taste is chocolate not sugar and it will help with a good diet to keep one safe?
  • Exercise. Take every opportunity to walk, swim, or jog for the fit folks amongst us. Walk upstairs – don’t ride the escalator, walk to the local shops – leave the car at home, take every opportunity to get exercise, with a carefully managed diet this is the greatest way in which to avoid putting on weight.

Kept Fit can help you if you’re struggling to keep the weight off. They are a gym in Bolton offering a fantastic fitness experience at such great prices. With state of the art equipment and a variety of classes, membership is a great idea!

All of these suggestions are guides, no one wants people to miss out on the wonderful Seasonal fare, but it does make sense to be careful up to, during, and after Christmas, and it is a sure way to ensure a wonderful time without anxiety.

The advice offered here is for those who are able and wish to avoid putting on weight, for some people this advice may not be appropriate.

It is always wise for people who are concerned about a change of routine, or about their weight, to seek medical advice before making major changes.

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