How much does cloud computing cost?
23rd July 2014
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You have probably heard the phrase cloud computing talked about recently. But what does it mean and how can it help you? Full Circle IT have the answer.

Cloud computing gives you the option of using and accessing cloud based data, software etc., from a remote location just by logging onto the internet or through an app. It will make it extremely difficult to lose important data on your computer because every piece of data is stored in a secure, remote location on different servers.

Having a cloud is a fantastic problem solver for small and expanding companies. It reduces the pressure of technology that they encounter because of the upkeep and support the need to have with their current IT systems. Supervisors, employees and business owners can then remain focused on running their business effectively and not have to think about solving issues with systems and software.

Cloud computing is delivered with either an “infrastructure as a service” or a “software as a service” model. This means that the individuals to whom the servers belong to pay for the upfront costs of servers, configuration etc and the people who use the service, ie us, take advantage of this and use the service and only pay a subscription fee or pay per use fee.  

For instance a company with 10 members of staff would have a server that would cost over £2,000 to buy and then pay annual maintenance costs of around £600 every year. If they had a cloud, businesses can enjoy email, back up solutions, data storage and much more for approximately £80 a month and no initial cost.

This means companies can use the money they’ve saved on IT costs elsewhere, like staff training or marketing, anything to help the business grow and develop. 

If you would like to set up cloud computing in your business, contact Full Circle IT on 01204 684051.




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