How much does a dental appointment cost at Synergy Dental?
4th August 2014
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A check up at Synergy Dental will only cost you £18. But that doesn’t mean they’ll compromise on the quality of their appointments. But with their appointments you’ll get a lot of services for the £18.

These are:  

  • X rays. Synergy will carry out 2 x rays if they feel they are needed.

  • Full examination. Your dentist will thoroughly check everything and diagnose any problems they spot

  • Ultrasonic scale. Synergy will remove tartar and plaque with this treatment.

  • Assessment. The dentists at Synergy Dental will assess your gum health, your mouth and neck, jaw movement and bite and chewing.

  • Oral cancer screening. Synergy Dental will check your soft tissues for signs of any issues.

All aspects of dental care are covered with Synergy Dental and their helpful dentists will explain all the different possibilities with you before every treatment. Their one on one service will enable you to chat through any thoughts and concerns you have about your dental health with your dentist every time you visit Synergy.

Synergy Dental are taking on new patients, so call them on 01204 684037 to book your consultation.

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