How long does a mattress last for?
22nd April 2014
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Did you know that incredibly 50% of people in the UK suffer from sleep problems? Did you also know that the average lifespan of a mattress is 7 years or 20,000 hours, yet many people keep theirs for longer?

Using a mattress for longer than 7 years can lead to long term negative implications for your health. Sleeping in a bed with an old mattress causes you to sleep in the wrong position, leading to pain in your joints, creaked neck, sore back and much more.

If you decide to keep your mammoth mattress for longer than that’s ok, all Mammoth products come with a 10 year limited warranty.  

You’re almost guaranteed a good night’s sleep with a Mammoth bed. They are amongst the comfiest mattresses available and of course you can buy them from Premier Stores. Why not use their current sale (25% off all Mammoth mattresses) to pick up a new, comfortable mattress for yourself? Mammoth mattresses are clinically proven to give you a better night’s sleep.

As well as Mammoth mattresses, Premier Stores are specialists in and have a whole excellent department dedicated to rise and recline chairs and electric beds.  Chronically ill and disabled customers are exempt from VAT on these products, but everyone can take advantage of the superb 5 year guarantee on all electrical components, actions and frames.

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