How Linkup Comms & Data can help your business!
23rd May 2018
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Linkup Comms and Data provide effective Business Communications systems for Companies large and small allowing them to maintain their Business Mobile use, Telephone Systems, Utilities and Vehicle Tracker requirements.

Linkup Comms and Data have well over 30 years of experience in supplying professional business communications systems, being Bolton based they are the heart of our community, they are Bolton and Proud!

Services provided to Businesses include:

Business Mobile phones, and systems using mobile technology and communications to enhance business communications and control.

MDM, Mobile Device Management systems, many organizations control activities of their employees using MDM solutions. MDM primarily deals with corporate data segregation, securing emails, securing corporate documents on devices, maintaining corporate policies, integrating and managing mobile devices including laptops and handhelds of various types. MDM implementations may be either on-premises or cloud-based.

Telephone systems for commercial users.

VoIP Systems, (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems provide you everything a traditional phone system does but with one big difference, it is hosted in ‘cloud’, that means users spend less money on hardware and maintenance. VoIP Systems give you much more flexibility because you can take and manage calls not just from your desk phone, but from your computer and your mobile. So, you can use all of the features of the office system wherever you are. With VoIP, you'll never miss an important call again regardless of the size of your business.

Mobile phone and Vehicle tracking enables users to check the location of a mobile phone or vehicle, whether it is stationary or moving, thereby allowing management control and communication at all times.

Linkup Comms and Data offer a fully comprehensive package of systems to create a command and control management structure of one's employees and of their vehicles, plus a great deal more applications that may be established by contacting Linkup Comms and Data for a chat to establish ones needs and based upon their exceptional experience how they may be managed to maximum advantage.

If you would like any more information about how Linkup Comms and Data can help you, give them a call on 01204 528756

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