How D-Tect Investigations Can Help Landlords Minimise Their Risk with Tenants
13th November 2010
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Are you a Landlord? Struggling with tenants not paying or absconding and want to find a safer way to let your properties?

D-Tect Investigations are private detectives based in Bolton explain how they can minimise the risk for landlords when taking on tenants, making sure the tenant is who they say they are. In the current economic climate, it is a fact that more and more people are turning to renting as an alternative to seeking a mortgage. Read below how D-Tect investigations can help you protect your investment.


The Landlord Detective

A major insurer was recently reported in the Sunday Times as saying they received 60 claims in one year from Landlords whose residential property had been converted into marijuana factories.  They stated it is the landlord’s responsibility to regularly inspect properties and that they do not normally pay out on properties where no one is in residence for 60 days or more. 

Converting a house into a drugs factory causes enormous damage and requires significant alteration, once discovered.  Landlords previously affected have often found out too late; when an explosion or a Police raid has occurred.  We have all heard of the horror stories of damage and as a Landlord there are several steps you can take to protect yourself. 

D-tect Investigations Ltd work with private landlords and residential landlords associations in providing a service to make sure your prospective tenant is who they say they are. 

In these difficult economic times, as a Landlord, it is very easy to feel that you must accept tenants on face-value for fear that your property will sit empty for an indefinite period, not to mention the mounting advertising costs involved when letting a property. 

D-tect will carry out thorough background checks on your prospective tenants quickly and cost effectively; and often, serious tenants will agree to cover the cost of tenant verification checks. 

Protecting your asset must be at the forefront of your thinking when agreeing a let.  Extraordinarily, many landlords do not inspect their properties or fail to check properties regularly.  Ignorance of how your property is being used or who is living in it is an open invitation for trouble.  If you are considering becoming a Landlord choose properties in the town where you live so that you can monitor your properties relatively easily. 


  • Ensure you carry out tenant verification checks using a reputable provider such as ourselves.
  • Always introduce yourself to neighbours, giving them your contact details so that they can report any problems. 
  • Take advantage of the strict money laundering rules and keep a close eye on tenants who wish to pay in cash.  
  • Carry out regular walk-by inspections at different times of the day and night.  Are the: gardens maintained, curtains opened, windows open in summer, piles of rubbish building up outside? 


Use the annual gas inspection or contractor visits is a great opportunity to get inside the property to see what’s going on without disturbing the tenant. You can see for yourself how many people are living in the property and whether it is being treated with respect.  Check carefully, keeping a close eye out for things like disabled extractor fans, missing light bulbs, meters being changed for pre-payment types, etc.  These things are all good indicators that the tenant is having credit problems or all is not as it seems. 

If you would like to speak to someone about how you can help to protect yourself and your property, please call Nicola from D-Tect Investigations on 0845 643 2602 for a no obligation chat. 

If you are thinking of renting a property then PLM can assist you in making all the right choices, landlords or tenants. Prime Lettings Management in Bolton have an outstanding reputation when it comes to properties, tenants and landlords. Give them a call on 01204 689609

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