Should you research your family tree on a TV show?
1st May 2013
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Lots of documentaries and TV programmes say they will help you unearth your descendants or heirs. This month there's even a new sitcom launching which follows a fictional man finding out about his long lost family. But Trees of Love can do all the research and discover for you, so you don't need to appear in the media to find out your past. 

Trees of Love are one of the best genealogist in Bolton. They can untangle the mysteries in your family history. Whether you want your family tree researching from scratch, or have simply hit a dead end in your own research, they can help.

Trees of Love can also help you to locate long lost family and friends. Combining traditional genealogy and modern private investigation techniques they have re-united people separated by adoption, fostering, relationship breakdowns or the very common “we just lost touch”. This is something that a lot of TV programmes claim to do as well, but they aren’t as efficient as Trees of Love.

A popular TV show at the moment is ITV’s Long Lost Family. They reunite parents and children who have been separated due to adoption and fostering, amongst other things.

However Nicola of Trees of Love can do that for you, proving you don’t need to go on a television programme and sell yourself to a media frenzy to find your ancestry.

Heir Hunters airs on weekday mornings on BBC 1. It tries to locate beneficiaries of wills and estates. In some cases they could stand to gain thousands of pounds. It shows the hard work and effort that probate researchers go through to locate a person. Again Trees of Love can track heirs or executors. 

Who Do You Think You Are has been running for many years now. It is broadcast on a weeknight on BBC One. The last series finished earlier on in the year. Who Do You Think You Are features celebrities who track down their descendants and find out more about their family and generations gone by.

This is something that Trees of Love does, and you don’t have to be a celebrity either obviously. They have an extensive contact list and research capabilities so with Trees of Love's help you really will be able to find out about your ancestry. 

visit their feature page here to find out more about what they do.  Trust us when we say they are far superior to any TV programme. 

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