How do I stop snoring?
2nd April 2014
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Is your night’s sleep being distrusted by yours or your partners snoring? Then you’re probably desperate for some way of stopping snoring. But don’t worry, At Sykes Chemist, they have 3 products that will help reduce the amount of snoring.

The Nytol Snoring throat spray acts quickly to fight the causes of snoring. Simply spray it on your throat 3 times before you go to bed, and you should see a reduction in how much you snore.

The Breathe Right nasal strips will slowly open up your nasal passages by gently easing congestion and stuffiness in your nose so you can get a good night’s sleep.

The Snoreeze throat spray will attack the main causes of snoring directly and is especially good if you usually snore whilst lying on your back. It contains natural active ingredients that cover the tissues at the back of the throat that vibrate and cause snoring during the night. The spray then reduces the amount of vibrations and therefore the amount of snoring.

Between the 28th April and the 2nd May 2014 it is National Stop Snoring Week and this year the theme is finding the best treatment for your needs. Medical professionals want to help you find the reason for your snoring, what treatment will work for you and how to choose products that won’t be as effective

Have a look at where all the branches of Sykes Chemist are by visiting their feature here and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep once you buy their products. Or you can always call them on 01204 684731 for more information. 

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