How do I look after my feet? Foot care advice and tips from Penny Dumbleton at the Laser Hair Removal Centre, Bolton
25th July 2013
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As the country continues to bask in hot weather, our previously sock covered feet will be coming out on show. Penny from the Laser Hair Removal Centre explains how you achieve beautiful feet again, especially if you’ve not had a foot-care routine in winter.  

Never go to bed without cleaning your feet first. If you leave dirt on the skin, it could turn irritated and infected. Wash feet with warm water and soap, then dry them carefully and apply a foot cream that moisturises (not a body lotion) If possible use a sun cream in the daytime so your feet don’t get burnt.

Get rid of hard skin and calluses by using a foot file or pumice stone frequently. There are tons of exfoliating products you can buy as an alternative too.

You might not realise it, but there is a right way to cut your toenails. Trim them straight across and nor down the edges or at an angle. If you cut them wrong there’s the possibility of ingrown toenails.

People with cracked heels will know how painful they are, and they don’t look pretty either. But it’s really easy to fix them. Rub a heel balm on them once you’re relaxing in the evening and after 3 days you will see them appear smoother. The balm works by breaking down thick and hard skin, which in turn repairs and relieves cracks.

An alternative to heel balm is an intense moisture cream. Use it, then put on a pair of old socks, to give it chance to do its magic (smoothing, hydrating and rejuvenating dry, callused and rough feet.

If you don’t wear nail varnish on your feet use a nail brightening system instead. Those that do wear polish should wear bright colours and perhaps have a pedicure. Good varnish should last for a long time.

Walk around bare foot and give your feet fresh air when you’re at home. This will keep them cool and hygienic. In hot weather, feet sweat more, which causes odour problems and allows bacteria and fungi to grow. If you have circulatory problems or diabetes it isn’t recommended to go barefoot though because of the increased risk of cuts going unnoticed. When you do wear shoes  pick a pair with a leather lining to absorb moisture and stop feet from getting hot, and choose cotton socks, because again these absorb perspiration and allow feet to breathe.

Finally, nobody wants excess hair on their toes and feet. Of course, the best treatment for removing hobbit feet is Laser Hair Removal.

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