How can you get rid of dirt on carpets? With Revive Carpets of course!
29th October 2014
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It's the time of year where the weather is dull and rainy, but that means treading through the house with dirty shoes! 

We spend more time indoors now than any other time of year so our carpets and furniture are well used. Our pets therefore do as well and they can leave a lot of unwanted pet hair etc lying around.

But don’t worry; Revive Carpets are here to help you get rid of the stains that come from this terrible weather and the multitude of events that are taking place. They’ll banish any mud, grime and general carpet abuse on any scale. They’ll clean and refresh rugs and suites that haven’t even had a welly near them too.

Using their state of the art equipment to safely deep clean carpets, remove marks and stains and then have it dry again within 30 minutes.

If you’ve sat on the sofa after braving the weather and left nasty marks then there’s no need to panic, as Revive Carpets can clean that as well. Their upholstery cleaning is brilliant and will leave your settee or chair looking as good as new.

And once Revive Carpets have been round, ensure your family or colleagues keep their mucky feet and clothes OFF the carpet!

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