How can I stop smoking tobacco and cigarettes?
29th April 2014
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On the 31st May it is World No Tobacco Day, so if you are going to stop then read on.

Around the world over 5 million people die from using tobacco every year and a further 600,000 people die from second hand smoke.

In case you didn’t know what tobacco is, it’s a leafy plant that can be grown, sniffed or chewed. Once it is absorbed in the body, it can cause increased blood pressure, heart rate and agility levels in the body.

The theme for this year No Tobacco Day is increasing the taxes on tobacco and decreasing the amount of tobacco usage.

Sykes Chemist have a good choice of products to help you stop smoking both cigarettes and tobacco. One of these is nicotine replacement therapy. Find out more about here or call the team on 01204 684731.

Bolton Therapy Centre have an onsite hypnotherapist that many people have found can support them in stopping smoking. Make your appointment by calling 01204 689679. 

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