How can I improve my English and Literacy skills? With support from Bolton Tuition Centre of course.
19th August 2013
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Can you believe that there are 776 million adults in the world who can’t read or write? In the UK we take these skills for granted, but those people living in less developed countries aren’t as privileged as we are.

In the UK approximately 5.2 million adults can be described as being functionally illiterate, which means they wouldn’t pass GCSE English or have literacy skills below those of a 10 year old.

International Literacy Day is on the 8th September and hopes to highlight the work being done to comabt illiteracy rates all over the world. 

We use literacy every day often without thinking about it. Writing texts, reading transport timetables, composing a shopping list, etc etc. For those people who struggle with reading or writing these seemingly simple tasks are anything but.  

Bolton Tuition Centre can help people of all ages improve their literacy skills. After a free assessment to determine exactly what your needs are, they will develop a bespoke programme to aid your learning. Give them a ring on 01204 684450 to find out how they can support you. As well as English, Bolton Tuition Centre also provide private tutoring in maths and science. 

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