How can I help my child do well in school?
15th November 2016
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Most parents want their children to well in school, to absorb information that will feed their imagination and encourage ambition for their futures. The question is how to go about it?

Certainly, the World is full of opportunities, but the opportunities come with a price, hard work, application and of course those essential key skills that fine teachers wish to impart are necessary to enable young people as they grow.

Bolton Tuition Centre, offer a few ideas to reinforce the efforts of teachers through additional stimulation.

Encourage your youngster to see not attaining top marks as a challenge for next time, a challenge to try harder and do better. As toddlers, we begin learning that if we fall over we need to get up and try again, eventually success becomes more common than failure and we learn that success is based upon not giving in. It helps if parents reinforce this by giving reassurance and positive encouragement. One way of achieving success is to enlist the help of a Professional.

Bolton Tuition Centre can work with children to achieve the success that they deserve.

Find ways to assist your children by making learning fun. There are games that can help such as chess that apart from being a board game helps in-depth analysis and forward thinking, planning and strategy. Most games involve number, look for every opportunity to use the game as a stimulus to positive effect. Building an additional educational input into the life of a child early so that it becomes the norm is a positive thing to do, reinforcing good behaviour is an additional device that can help by associating effort with rewards.

Support one’s children’s area of special interest, square pegs do not fit into round holes, if a youngster has a passion allow it to develop, allow the passion to become the vehicle for forward momentum elsewhere.

Support academic subjects as part of the overall programme, by including games as a means to an end. If education begins in early years as fun, then there is every prospect of it continuing into later stages of education. The three ‘R’s’ are a very important element of any other discipline and still need to be developed.

Bolton Tuition Centre specialises in continuing the development of the three ‘R’s’ to provide the youngsters with the very best outlook on life.

Rather than denouncing computer games out of hand, embrace them. There are computer games that have value even for very young children, adapt their computer use as a joint effort so that it is part of the family fun, there are creative children’s games that will help them as they progress, use the computer as a teaching aid rather than the enemy.

Bolton Tuition Centre offers private educational support for children from 6 to 16 years, and is highly recommended by the Best of Bolton.

If you would like to find out any more information about Bolton Tuition Centre and how they can support you, give them a call on 01204 363550


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