How can I advertise on Bolton FM?
30th May 2013
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Bolton FM broadcasts on 96.5, online and on iPhones and smartphones. It is the only station that is broadcast in Bolton for the people of Bolton. Those who listen comment on the varying types of songs and programmes on there. It tries to bring the community together and give a voice to everybody in the town.

Radio is an intimate form of media. People listen for all sorts of reasons, news, weather, entertainment etc. When people tune in, they trust the information and want it to provide accurate and current information.

You can do other things whilst listening to the radio, like ironing or driving. It stops you being bored and acts as a friend. It can cheer you up when you’re feeling upset and help escape daily life for a minute or two. Adverts influence us and get into our sub consciousness, and make us buy products, whether we realise it or not.

One of the other beauties of radio is it isn’t just one advert, like in a publication. The adverts are played more than once, to increase awareness of your product. Radio has grown more than any other type of media in the past decade, and its slice of the advertising market is predicted to get even bigger in the future. It is in a good position to meet the needs of the public.

Radio is more personal than other forms of advertising. People can’t switch off their ears if they hear it, and plus it’s free for them to listen. The public tune into radio in all sorts of places, their house, car, office or on their mobile device. Radio is a part of people’s everyday life. Bolton FM have less advertising clutter then other stations.

Lots of companies use Bolton FM to advertise, including Bolton at Home, Cineworld and BHE Systems.

There are 3 different types of advertising available on Bolton FM, gold, silver and bronze. Radio advertsing, especialy on Bolton FM, is far more affordable then you might expect. You can get 99 daytime adverts for only £99 a month. That equates to 5 adverts every weekday for 4 weeks. We know that totals 100, but Bolton FM will give you an extra advert free of charge. 

The price and the frequency of advert will vary depending which you choose, so contact Bolton FM for the details.

Sponsorship is another way of advertising on Bolton FM. You could sponsor the weather, traffic and travel or one of the many shows on the station.

Bolton FM is all about Bolton and the people in it. It has a listenership of approximately 15,000 people, which is growing all the time, together with a weekly show with Bolton at Home, who have 56,000 customers. The target audience is 30-50 year olds, and the majority of them are female. The amount of people visiting Bolton FM’s Facebook is even bigger though, at 70,590 people.

Bolton FM is a Community Interest Company. This means that your advert is going out to a very focused group and you’re also pouring money into the area your customers live in. Businesses nowadays have to think about their corporate social responsibility and this can really help your company if you do it correctly.

Bolton FM will work with your business though, so that advertising will work for you. Perhaps you’d prefer a roadshow, competition or outside broadcast with Bolton FM. Whatever you want, Bolton FM can help you.

Contact the helpful team at Bolton FM on 01204 375408 to find out more. 

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