How about a Wetroom or Steamroom for your home?
1st July 2016
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Bathing facilities now take a central role in the lives of 21st Century Britain, no longer is the bathroom the dingy room tucked away at the back of one’s home with its dodgy plumbing, ‘chicken’ tiles and poor bathing facilities.

Bathrooms have become living spaces in their own right, with a range of exciting alternatives, allowing them to become more comfortable and high end must have’s for busy professional people. Plus, it is commonly accepted that a state of the art bathroom will add greatly to the value of one’s home.

Wetroom Steamroom Bathroom by Posh Bathing of Bolton, is locally owned by Bolton born Gary Walmsley who has over 27yrs experience of fitting bathrooms and domestic plumbing, not to mention a previous award winning career in the construction industry. Based within the same building for over 24yrs PBL Interiors (Posh Bathing) has built up an enviable reputation for supplying private clients, property developers interior designers, and architects with top quality branded products.

Wet-rooms, or Wet areas, are now considered to be the latest trend for en suite facilities, shower rooms, and even the main bathrooms. Stylishly simple, because they are usually door-less and larger than the average shower they are the perfect antidotes to our ever-increasingly cluttered lives especially in the bathroom.

A wet-room is simply a completely watertight room simply furnished with a shower. There’s no conventional shower tray, with a step up as such, but is a shower area, being a continuation of the floor.

Because of the potential damage to the structure all installations of this type must be conducted by professionals trained for the job.

Steam rooms, to facilitate home steam bathing and a shower afterwards, these are much in vogue. Using clever innovations in wetroom technology, and state of the art tanking materials, this is relatively easy to achieve. Every home with room they could potentially have a Steamroom created for them. Many Continental Countries have for many years seen steam room bathing as very healthy and enjoyable, following on from the Roman era. It is easy to enjoy the luxury of steam at home by adding steam to a small shower enclosure, or by creating a new shower room with steam, or by building a dedicated steam room where friends and family can relax and socialize together.

Wetroom, Steamroom, Bathroom, will work with each customer to create a bathroom that is luxurious and spacious, uncluttered, and a joy to use.

Wetroom, Steamroom, Bathroom, is the dedicated Bathroom & Wetroom installation contractor within the main company known as PBL Interiors (Posh Bathing).

Wet Rooms and Walk-ins installation service will help to create your luxurious wet-room in the Bolton and the North West. 

If you would like any more information about Wetroom Steamroom Bathroom by Posh Bathing, give them a call on 01204 596066

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