What are the benefits of hiring a personal assistant like Type-IT, Bolton?
24th July 2013
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An assistant like Type-IT can help grow your business. The flexible service means you only pay for what time you use. Many different businesses use virtual assistants, ranging from sole traders to large businesses.  

Tradesmen and women working on building sites might not hear their phone ring, or are too busy to answer it. This is where Type-IT come in. They can answer your telephone on a pay as you go basis. It works using cutting edge technology, so Type-IT will answer your calls with the correct business name and then transfer it to your office or mobile number if necessary. You can choose to have this service all the time, after a specified amount of rings or as and when.

Type-IT can help you to prepare promotional products. They will promote your product and advertise your business using a variety of methods. Type-IT will create newsletters that look very professional with their expert publishing programmes.

Type-IT can really get to know to know your business by creating your social media presence for you. They will start your Facebook, Twitter pages etc with logos, photographs and anything else that is relevant, and then build up the amounts of followers, post updates and respond to any queries.

Type-IT have an outstanding diary management service. They can keep a record of all the calls you receive, make appointments for you and posting out promotional material, all to ensure that no customers are missed.

Type-IT work from their own offices and not from yours. They don’t take sick pay, and more often than not you’ll deal with the same member of staff the whole time you use Type-IT.

It can be challenging to organise a work event and continue with your daily routine. However Type-IT can make sure it will run as smoothly as possible. They can create a folder with information on everyone attending, then create a unique reference and bar code for every delegate. Then, on the day itself, all you need to do is scan it and all their details are there for you to use.

Admin tasks are a crucial part of any business, but they can be quite time consuming. Use Type IT and take the boring jobs away from you, and into Type-IT’s capable hands. 

Type-IT have a terrific offer on at the moment too. From just 12p per record, they will copy contacts from business cards or data base into a handy CSV file, which you can then use for advertising purposes or whichever way you choose. 

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