Hilary Devey Returns To her Roots In Bolton
22nd November 2011
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Hilary Devey, self-made millionaire and star of hit TV series Dragons Den, is coming back to her roots, as a TV documentary is being filmed, right here in her home town of Bolton.

The programme will tell Hillary’s story from her upbringing in Tonge Moor, where her family ran the Tonge Ward Social Club to staring in The Dragons Den, after building a multi-million pound haulage business Pall-Ex, which she started in 1996, selling her home and car to fund it’s early days.

Hilary is an inspiration to any business person, demonstrating just what can be achieved through, having a vision, perseverance and focus, through times which for many businesses have been tortuous. 

At thebestof bolton we speak to many businesses, small and not so small and if some of those business owners could learn a lesson from Hilary and just a little of her positivity could rub off I’m sure their fortunes could be transformed. I find it so inspiring to talk to successful as well as aspirational people in business and see just what can be achieved if you apply yourself.

The producer of Dragons Den: Hilary’s Story is hoping people will be able to supply him with Pictures of Ruby Street in the 1960’s and 70’s before it was demolished or memories of Hilary at Tong Ward Social Club or The Railway Hotel in Farnworth. Anyone with pictures or memories should Call Dylan Pierce on 07713 315445 or e-mail Dylan.pierce@bbc.co.uk


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