Here's a farm you can visit in Bolton
1st July 2014
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They’ve only been members of ours for a couple of weeks or so, but already I’m planning a visit to Smithills Open Farm, as I’m such a big animal lover.

Smithills have over 25 different species of animal living at the farm, ranging from cute and cuddly ferrets and guinea pigs to the slightly terrifying snakes and spiders. It’s a real life working farm with dogs, sheep, cows, lambs and chickens all permanently living on site.

There’s lots of opportunity to interact with the animals of the farm, like watching the birds of prey show, feeding the goats and holding the smaller creatures like rabbits and chinchillas.

Many unusual animals live at the farm too, like stick insects, rheas and llamas. (A rhea is like an ostrich and I bet you’ve never seen one of them before, I know I haven’t!)

At 23, I’m too old to have my birthday parties at the farm now, but if I were a few years younger, I’d definitely be begging my parents to let me have my party there. Youngsters bring a minimum of 9 of their friends and enjoy donkey and tractor rides, food and drink from the café and of course, the opportunity to touch all the animals they have at the farm. There’s also an adventure playground to play in.

Welcome to the best of Bolton Smithills Open Farm, we are thrilled to be working with you. Call them on 01204 595765 for more information. 

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