Here are some top tips to keep you safe this winter
8th November 2013
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National Personal Safety Day may have been and gone, but the tips given out are still valid, especially now there’s more hours of darkness. Here are some simple steps to help increase your levels of personal safety.

  1. Don’t ever think something bad won’t happen to you

  2. When you’re travelling, especially if you're alone, look confident

  3. Don’t take any unecessary risks

  4. Always let someone know where you’re going and what time you should be back.

  5. Plan your route in advance


If you are driving then there are more tips you can follow to keep safe


  1. Lock away any valuables left in your car and cover them up with a blanket so no one looking in your car can see thrm

  2. Park in an area with lots of lighting, that’s busy and avoid multi storeys if possible

  3. Lock all doors and close all windows when you’re driving

  4. Remember that just because somewhere is bright when you first park your car, the area might not be as light a few hours later

  5. If you think you’re being followed keep calm and drive to a busy place, like a supermarket car park or a petrol station.

  6. If you’re finishing work in the evening then leave the office with more than one person if you can.

  7. Report any incident , no matter how small it may be


Here are some other tips if you’re out and about


  1. Keep your purse and other valuables in an inside pocket

  2. Carry an alarm that you can easily set off and scare an attacker to give you time to get away

  3. Only travel on busy routes with lots of lighting

  4. If you need to wait around anywhere look confident and again choose a well lit, busy area

  5. Try and not use your mobile in public and if you do use it don’t give out any personal information like your address

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