HCS Cleaning Services, Bolton, Invest In Solar Panel Cleaning To Help You Achieve Maximum Efficiency
24th January 2013
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Renewable energy is a hot topic at the moment. And solar panels are very en vogue. But it's possible you aren't getting the full benefit from them. HCS Cleaning Services can make sure this isn't affecting you and your home.

Solar panels have seen a huge growth in recent years, as people look to cheaper alternatives to provide energy and power to their home. They have rapidly become the number one option, as research has suggested they suit the British lifestyle and climate more than the alternatives.

However, with them being constantly exposed to the elements, usually fitted to the roofs of houses, it is very easy for them to get dirty, often developing a thin layer of grease which will affect the level of sunlight able to be converted into energy.

HCS Cleaning Services have recently made an investment of substantial proportions to be able to effectively clean solar panels in a way that will not damage them. The team uses a 100% de-ionised and purified water that has no dissolved solids added, and this water readily removes any dirt or grease that may have formed.

And, thanks to all HCS's latest equipment which has been produced using innovative technology, cleaning your solar panels has never been so easy. With their new dedicated 80ft water-fed pole, scaffolding, and various tools, as well as highly-skilled and qualified staff, a great job is guaranteed.

Most manufacturers recommend that solar panels be cleaned at least once every six months. If you aren't getting the full benefit from your solar panels, maybe they need cleaning. Call HCS Cleaning Services on (01204) 876694.

HCS Cleaning Services are based locally in Bolton and have years of experience in the cleaning industry, undertaking everything from office cleaning to domestic window cleaning.

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