Have your carpet cleaned with Revive Carpets this October
1st October 2014
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We’re finally into autumn now, so you’ll soon be trudging your through the leaves that have fallen off the trees and when you take the dog out for a walk the ground will feel soggier and they’ll come back with dirty paws.

That’s all bad news for your carpet, as they take a battering due to the less then favourable weather. Autumn, perhaps even more than any other season, is the time that our floors never seem to be clean.  

It doesn’t matter what type of floor you have, whether it’s carpet, carpet tile, rugs, leather or textile suites, the team at Revive Carpets will give you free advice and a no obligation quote to restore your floor to its original condition and get it looking straight again. Revive Carpets don’t have a set price list, all the work they do will be bespoke to you, as every floor is different.

If you love your home, you will love the clean fresh look and feel of a professional deep cleaning that gives you a wow factor. 

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