Have you tried a Room Four Dessert Cookie Dough Jar?
13th July 2017
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If you haven’t tried Cookie Dough Jars from Room Four Dessert then it really it is time that you did! Seriously though, foodies across Bolton are rushing to buy them, because they are absolutely delicious.

So what is a Cookie Dough Jar?

Cookie Dough Jars are rather delicious desserts ready to cook. For those of us who love a great pud, this is for us. A delectable pud is served into a glass jar for folks to take home, cook it and eat from the jar. We suspect that some will not reach home uneaten even if they aren’t cooked.

Roome Four Dessert has a range of delightful Cookie Dough Jar puds to choose from.

There are six flavours: 

S'Mores, this gastronomic delight is a short stack of marshmallow and chocolate, sandwiched by two graham crackers (they are honey-based crackers sold in the US). Wow!

Oreo based on the ever popular Oreo cookies,

Smarties, rich, colourful and chocolaty,

Salted Caramel sweet with a hint of salt, a lovely combination of flavours,

Reeses Peanut Butter, an American speciality Reeces peanut butter is super smooth and very  tasty,

Nutella, based on the famous chocolate spread, yummy!

Customers can take these home to bake and enjoy straight from the jar. 

A perfect accompaniment to a Cookie Dough Pot is their Movenpick ice cream, in flavours including:

  • Swiss Chocolate
  • Vanilla Dream
  • Strawberry
  • PannaCotta 
  • Coconut & Chocolate
  • Mango & Cream 
  • Caramelita
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Passion Fruit & Mango Sorbet
  • Raspberry Sorbet.

Roome Four Desert arose from the premise that ‘no matter what you have eaten there is always room for a tasty dessert’.

Room Four Desert was established in 2013 and has become a great favourite in the Town with people calling in from all over Bolton and District for their wonderful Cookie Dough Pots and the many other delicacies that they have on display. 

If you would like any more information about Room Four Dessert, give them a call on 01204 214257

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