Have you ever thought of an outdoor socket for your Christmas Lights?
29th September 2016
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Many people now enjoy the sparkling charm of outdoor lights to celebrate cultural events such as Christmas, Diwali, Chanukah, and Eid. It is not unknown for folks to simply install outdoor lights because they like them with no other rational.

In quite a few places there are those folks who festoon every square inch of their homes with lights and lit displays, some with the aim of raising cash for charity, others because they can.

Whatever the reason behind having lit displays outside the home, care home, shop or business premises there are a few considerations that need to be taken into consideration, not least Health and Safety Duty of Care in any commercial or business premises. Because any electrical items are outside the main building, care must be taken with the use of connectors – plugs and sockets, and the mains supply to which they are connected.

Outside power supplies for lighting are easy to fit but the following considerations need to be employed.

Only buy top quality lighting that is designed for outdoor use, some lighting is mains free but more extensive lighting and full displays do need to be purchased from an electrical goods supplier who will give sound advice and guidance.

Make certain that lighting for outside is weather proof, rain and snow must not be allowed to penetrate the wiring, at the least it will blow fuses and at worst it could cause serious damage. Do not use lights designed for indoor use outside the property.

Consider where the lights will be installed, if there are water features nearby, ponds, streams etc., make alternative arrangements.

Make sure that correctly installed power sockets are installed on the outside of the property. Running cables through a window makes the home insecure and lets out heat, plus the added risk of trips etc. Avoid using multi-adaptors.

A correctly supplied and installed external power socket to BS 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations (IET Wiring Regulations) is advised. Doing so will not only make the lighting, and any other electrical equipment used outdoors, safer but will be approved of by the insurers of the property – amateur installations not done to the correct standard may invalidate household insurance. A qualified and registered electrical contractor should be employed for this work making certain that it is safe to use.

Ensure that external sockets are cleaned regularly and checked by a registered electrical engineer. At the same time ask the electrician to check the lighting bulbs for blown bulbs, fit replacements, and to make sure the wiring insulation is in good order.

If any faults are found, switch off the electrical supply immediately, and call a registered electrician to repair or replace them.

Westwood Electrical are a highly recommended, local company. Don’t risk your safety, leave it to the professionals! 

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