Has your internet been slower since your Windows 10 Upgrade?
14th January 2016
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Have you recently installed Windows 10 and noticed slower performance in your computer? Well read on for a little fix from Full Circle IT Solutions that may help.

Since upgrading to Windows 10, my home broadband connection all of a sudden became very slow and I couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. After a couple of hours checking the settings on my computer I noticed that with Windows 10 the way that your computer installs updates has changed.

With Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 you were able to set your computer to install updates on its own, or you could go to Windows Update and manually check for your updates and then install them if needed.

However, Windows 10 is automatically set to install updates straight away. This is just Microsoft’s way of helping make sure that your computer is as secure as possible but, after your computer has installed that update, it will then use your internet connection to send that update to other computers that are using Windows 10 and, if you don’t have a fast internet connection, you will notice straight away that everything is behaving a little slower than usual. This could also be a problem for people who have limits on their internet download and upload allowances.

Don’t worry though – there is a way that you can stop your computer from doing this on its own!

Please see below for step by step instructions on how to turn this off, or alternatively please contact us and we can arrange a convenient time to make this change for you.

In your Settings menu for Windows 10 if you click on Update and Recovery / Windows Updates you will see in the bottom right “Advanced Options” 

Click “Advanced Options” and then at the bottom of the window you will see an option for “Choose how updates are Delivered” 

If you then click the slider where it says “On” this will disable the automatic upload of Windows Updates.

Your computer will still receive security updates from Microsoft like it always has, but now your computer won’t use your internet connection to send it on to other Windows 10 devices.

If you would like further information and support with your office IT, give the team at Full Circle a call, they can assist and advise as well as take over and manage your IT systems for you. Call them on 01204 684051

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