Happy 3rd birthday to Kids Fashion Mart
24th September 2014
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Kids Fashion Mart was born 3 years ago when the founders saw the need to fill the gap exisiting in the designer market for a certain range of brands of childrenswear in Bolton. This was at a time when the industry was being overwhelmed online with the closure of many brick and mortar shops. The on-line section of the business was formed in the summer of 2012.

It has grown very extensively from what it was at the beginning and with very little or no knowledge of what to expect in the industry, the owners have been able to grow a business that is destination of choice to many online shoppers even as far as USA, Australia and Canada. Kids Fashion Mart prides itself in being the only shop in Bolton that sells quality Christening and Communion Wear.

It is also the only shop authorised in Bolton to sell very classy brands like Sarah Louise and Desigual. In 2013, it introduced top French brand Lili Gaufrette and also formed a very important partnership with British brand Country Kids which prides itself as the official suppliers of the tights worn by little bridesmaids for the Duke and Duchess of Cambrige's wedding! On the local front, Kids Fashion Mart has successfully created relationships with other local nearby business in Bolton who are also members of The Best of Bolton.

Showing some of its summer brands at the Family Fun Day organised by Regans Vets and on the catwalk at the Royal Albert Halls in July 2014 was the highlight of the season. The shop has also seen extensive renovations done in the last 2 years to suit the needs of the walk-in customer. We have had very good reviews about the quality of our clothing and we are in business to sell the best because we believe that children deserve to be clothed in only the best.

Over the years too, the business has also employed staff who have served in various capacities as Apprentices, Work Placements, and Full time staff thereby contributing to the employment of labour in the local area. The journey in the last 3 yearrs has been amazing. We have learnt so much and met so many people in the industry and business growing by the day. We owe it all to our very wonderful staff and customers.

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