Halliwell Based Persian Cat Press Launch Their First Interactive Downloadable Childrens E-Book
24th January 2012
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Bolton has so much to offer and is a really fantastic place for creative talent and I was really excited to read that the first book from the new Bolton publishing house is hitting the cyber shelves this month.

The book named ‘The Gift’ from Persion Cat Press which specialises in electronic books that use technology to make pages come alive.

The company are based in Halliwell and are offering ‘The Gift’ as the first of a new range of interactive books.

Persian Cat was founded in 2010 and ‘The Gift’ was written by the firms creative director Jos Carlyle who lives locally in Harwood.

‘The Gift’ features illustrations that come to life through animation. There is also narration, a music soundtrack and lettering which springs to life when touched.

Children can tap, tilt and swipe their iPad or iPhone through dozens of interactive points in the 30 page book.

At the moment Persian Cat does not work on other e-reader systems such as the Kindle as they do not have the capability to show the level of interactivity the company wanted to achieve.

To download the book and for more information go to http://www.persiancatpress.com/About-us/media-resources-the-gift.html

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