Great Businesses Stand Out and Win National Awards In Bolton
18th February 2011
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Great Businesses Stand Out In Bolton! Bolton Businesses Win National Awards


And The Winners Are …………!
Good People Services  Voted Most Loved Recruitment Agency in the UK
Wisecraft Builders  Voted Most Loved Builder in the UK
Knightsbridge School of Music Voted Most Loved Music Teachers in the UK
Shaw Street Garage Voted Most Loved MOT Test Centre in the UK

We also partnered with Bolton FM and Cineworld in helping to raise the profile of thebestof bolton and our members and in doing so they achieved 
Bolton FM                 Voted Most Loved Local Radio Station in the UK
Cineworld Bolton         Voted Most Loved Cinema in the UK


When asked to name a great product or retailer in a particular field, most people will site a well known global or national brand, why? Because those companies go to a great deal of trouble to make sure their name is on your lips whenever you talk about whatever it is they do!

Is this true about YOUR business in YOUR town? Or is it true that you simply ‘exist,’ hoping that people know about you and will actively search you out if and when they need whatever it is you do?

Don’t be fooled, most people are lazy and will take the route of least resistance when seeking a supplier, if there is a known national brand which provides whatever it is they are looking for, they are likely to go there, irrespective of whether YOUR local company could do it better and cheaper, unless YOU make it YOUR mission to let them know that you can do it.

This week thebestof Bolton celebrates businesses feeling the love during the 14 Days Of Love Campaign when people all across the UK were invited to nominate local businesses to become ‘Most Loved’ local businesses.


What Was The Point Of All This?


  • Fun!- How many business owners feel that doing business these days is fun?
  • Profile Raising- Raising the profile of thebestof bolton which in turn and more importantly raises the profile of our members.
  • Recognition – The feel good factor of knowing that we are doing a great job because our customers are telling us so!
  • Relationship Building– A fantastic reason to speak with our database/customers/clients for something other than ‘selling’.
  • On-going PR – Generating  PR before, during and after the event.


And here’s what it meant to our member businesses:
           “ It is fantastic to have so many kind words given so freely”

          “ I loved being able to contact my customers without trying to sell to                 them or ‘plug’ the latest special offer”
   "Your own team get a real buzz from hearing the great things about the place that they work”

           “Our clients enjoyed supporting us and having the forum to give us                   feedback”
           “By being able to direct a potential customer to thebestof bolton to                 see all my testimonials I have just secured work worth over £33k”

The Moral Of The Tale Is...

No matter how good YOU believe your business is, unless YOUR business name is on the lips of  YOUR potential customers, YOU may as well not bother!

Can you be confident that YOUR business is on the lips of the people in Bolton? Are you marketing YOURself and YOUR business on a daily basis? What will YOU do to be different in 2011 and stand apart from your competitors?

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