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5th April 2011
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Michael Sweeney talks in his blog about the difficulties faced by people seeking work in the current economic climate and how employers can make more considered choices when recruiting the 'right' employee.


The Labour Market and British Society

Last night, a friend of our business - Lindy Griffiths of Sunburst Solutions - was featured on a Panorama programme about unemployment and the over 50s.  It showed the difficulties faced by a group of decent, hard working people who had been released by their employers.  In our view, the interventions of business leader Digby Jones, whose advice to the individuals was to smile, make eye contact and retrain as a plumber were the motivational equivalent of spitting on a red hot shovel.


But the problems faced by our economy and Labour Market are deeper still and not just limited to the over 50s.  For instance:



      The UK has the highest proportion of children living in workless households in Europe

      Just 56% of lone parent are in work compared to 72% of  mothers in two-parent families

      Working Age Benefits are now at £54 billion up 25% from 1997

      Youth unemployment is higher today than  it was in1997


And even while the economy grew for 14 years, the bill for social security payments rose by £35bn in the same period.  So how do we improve our social well-being of our citizens without a massive growth in the size and intrusiveness of government?

 People, and businesses, respond to incentives.  Much long term worklessness is due to the fact our current benefits system does not encourage people to move from benefits into work.  We know the Government is currently looking at a system of ‘Dynamic Benefits’, encouraging people to lose benefits only incrementally as they move into work.


 But employment legislation doesn’t help that much either.  Two weeks ago Good People visited Cineworld in Bolton.  Imagine if a visiting moviegoer was told s/he had a choice of movies but once they bought a ticket, had to stay to watch it until the end, regardless of whether it entertained or repulsed them.  It would make the choice more considered, slower perhaps, with the safest option – perhaps a romantic comedy – winning out over an award winning Brazilian film about the slums of Rio.  It may also mean the individual decides s/he needn’t go to the cinema anyway and download the movie or rent the DVD instead.


Choosing an employee is a calculated bet.  If that bet is easier to place and the risks of it backfiring reduced, we may well find more activity in the labour market that will help us tackle the problems we face more robustly and with greater confidence.  


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