Good People Services In Bolton Giving Great Advice On Updating A CV To Get That Great Job
10th January 2011
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'Take a fresh look at your CV' with Good People Recruitment Services In Bolton

You have around 30 seconds (or less) to grab an employer’s attention and convince them that you’re just the person they’re looking for. This means that your CV has to promote you as powerfully as possible and like most things, if you don’t use it, you risk losing it. Is your CV just gathering metaphorical dust? If so, it has probably weakened over time as your skills have developed.

How long has it been since you had a fresh look at your CV, and is it really selling you and doing its job properly? Find out more about your CV’s appeal by asking trusted individuals for critical feedback on its look, accuracy, content, effectiveness, style and personality. Remember that you wouldn’t be asking if you didn’t really want to know, so be polite, listen to suggestions and take them on board.

Take a fresh look at yourself and also your skills as if through the eyes of an employer. A new year is as good a time as any to update your CV and give it a more current feel. Think about any courses you may have attended, qualifications gained or new (work) experiences.

There is no single correct way to prepare a CV but the following general rules apply:

*     It is targeted on the specific job or career area for which you are applying

*     It brings out the relevant skills that you have to offer

*     It is logically ordered, easy to read and not cramped

*     It is informative but concise

*     It is accurate in content, spelling and grammar

Also remember that the “sweet spot” of your CV is the area typically around the upper middle of your first page. This is the area selectors tend to pay most attention to, so make sure it contains the essential information such as your personal profile, key skills and achievements.

If you find that working on your CV is something of a chore after a long period, consider updating it from time to time to reflect any recent changes in your career. If you are an active job seeker consider doing this every few weeks or so as you continually improve your chances of gaining work.'


Great advice from a fantastic Bolton company, Good People recruitment services and they want to speak to you. If you are out there looking for employment and need some friendly advice and some great contacts to amazing jobs then Good People would love you to give them a call on

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