Good People Services Bolton Welcome Summer Work Placement Student Laura Velvett Stott
27th July 2011
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Good People Services in Bolton provides recruitment and training services for a wide range of roles throughout Bolton and  the North West. They currently have a student on placement with them over the summer working with them. Laura gives us a little detail about her life and work with Good People Services below.


"My name is Laura Velvet Stott. I’m 17 years old and go to Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, which I completely agree is a fabulous forward thinking school with a recent excellent OFSTED report! 

Originally I’m from a close community in Manchester but my mum and dad decided to move to Bolton, so when I was 5, both parents and my 3 sisters moved here. I have had a really good upbringing by my mum and dad and was taught really useful life lessons such as; material things don’t matter – especially when I used to go through catalogues circling everything I wanted (which was everything in the catalogue)!

As I got older and started at St Catherine’s (formerly known as Withins Secondary School) I was a typical teenager. I hung about with a wide group of friends and occasionally went out at weekends and after school with them. But because I didn’t live in the Breightmet area I couldn’t do this as often I would have wanted to and resulted in me spending less time with them.

But then as we got older things changed and eventually our friendship group was set for the last 2 years of school. Those two years was amazing and I hated it if I had to have a day off!

 At this time I starting going to church, which changed my life and my way of thinking dramatically. I go every single Sunday and try to get involved in as much as the activities I can. I haven’t ever felt anything so rewarding in my life! Another life lesson - other people’s needs come before your own. 

By the time it came to our GCSEs and time for leaving school I was genuinely gutted! How many teenagers can you say feel this way about school? Our school had just recently turned into an Academy which meant it now had a 6th form, and if I stayed, our year would be the first year there. After a lot of thinking, to see what was best for my future, I stayed at St Catherine’s because it was the best kind of environment to be taught in. It was more one to one and I wouldn’t just be another face in the crowd. I study Psychology, Biology, Art and Design and Hospitality. I now hope to go to University to take my psychology studies further and eventually become a child psychologist. That is what I would love to do, but going deeper into study I may want to change direction a little bit, but who knows? I’ve always thought about what I’m going to do in my future and what better way to secure it than to collect as much experience as possible.

Currently I’m on a summer placement at Good People in Bolton, gaining experience and many new skills I can apply to later life. They really like to help others too, so this is a good fit.  I’m looking at their social media presence and helping process some of their psychometric assessments, which may fit with my psychology studies too! I’m really enjoying my time here and I’m really grateful I’ve been given this opportunity. "


If you would like help and support returning to work, retraining or simply a change of career. Contact Good People Services on 01204 876755.

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