Good People Services Bolton Celebrate New Collaboration With Bolton College
27th June 2011
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Build your career and update your skills

 “Investing in skills and career building is a great way to decrease unemployment,” says Michael Sweeney, Director of Bolton-based Good People Recruitment Services.

 This week The Financial Times told us we now have 32 claimants to every vacancy in Glasgow, a rate of 42:1 in London, 45:1 for Sheffield and more alarmingly as much as for Hull.

 Michael said: “Jobseekers need to focus on their working strengths – though many struggle to identify these – and they need to develop their skills.  Getting a chance to develop a career will aid a decrease in unemployment.”

“There are also many hidden jobs locally, where businesses use word of mouth and recommendations to source candidates. This increases in recessionary times when employers want to reduce the cost of advertising.  Good People have all the latest local vacancies which are communicated to us daily, and work closely with local businesses too.  Our new collaboration with Bolton College allows us to undertake a profile of your working strengths and support your skills development if you are newly redundant or a recent JSA clamant. 

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