Good People Recruitment Services, Bolton, can help you hire the best candidate for your job vacancy
6th August 2013
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Good People Recruitment Services are one of Bolton’s leading recruitment agencies and are experts in matching the right candidates with the right jobs. But what do you do if you’re shifting through masses of candidates yourself?

We’ve heard the story about Costa Coffee receiving 1,700 applicants for just 8 jobs. That’s obviously an extreme case, but the facts remain that there are hundreds of people that are applying for every job vacancy available.

The first thing to do when you get lots of job applications is to look through the applications and check for any glaring errors. These might be incorrect spelling, typos or grammatical mistakes that a simple spell check or proof read would spot immediately. By not noticing them, it suggests a lack of care and attention on the part of the applicant.

If the person has gaps in work history, unless they have accounted for it in their application with a good explanation, then you should probably discount them as well.

Next look at where the candidate lives in relation to the job. It might sound harsh, but if you need a flexible candidate or someone who can come into the office at short notice, people who live closest to the business will sound more appealing.

Then look at how soon the person can start. If they need to give several months’ notice to their current employer, someone who can start immediately is again more desirable a candidate.

Finally, see which candidate lists why they want to work for your company. Potential employees should be explaining this to make themselves stand out from the rest.

Of course, searching for the right person to fill your vacancy can be made much easier by contacting Good People Recruitment Services

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